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New motion Video is up

We had a great time shooting parts of this video for CSM and Alchemedia Project.

Thai Coconut Pancakes

Thai Coconut Pancakes

On a journey to Thailand, it’s hard not to taste many new exotic flavors. The country offers a plethora of exotic produce, from Mangosteen, Dragon fruit, to Lychees and Jack fruit, all of which have their own unique signatures.  Thailand has much to offer in street food, but particularly unique are it’s floating markets.

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Peanut butter chocolate chip mini cupcake cookies

Peanut butter chocolate chip mini cupcake cookies are a great treat for those who love Reese's.   Peanut butter cookie mix with added chocolate chips, then filled with liquid chocolate. Instead of a cookie sheet, we used a mini cupcake pan.  Fill each slot with dough and press to edges, creating a hole for some liquid chocolate.  After filling with the liquid chocolate, each one was topped with a flattened cookie dough and bake.

Served warm with a small dollop of vanilla ice cream.

Art for Health 2014

Going on our 4th year teaming up with RUSH University Medical Center, to help raise funds!  This years event will be October 10th.


Art for Health was started by a group of artists and medical doctors committed to providing and improving health care for underserved communities around the world. As artists, we support the medical teams from the Global Health Program at Rush that travel to work with local community organizations to provide health care. 

To raise funds, we accompany the medical teams to our partner communities. What we see and feel is expressed in diverse art forms that celebrate the vibrant and resilient human spirit. The artwork is auctioned and used to raise funds and awareness. The proceeds go directly to support the medical and community work. 

We partnered with The Global Health Program at Rush and artists Marek Hosek, Brian Wetzstein, Sebastian Kowalski and Annie Grossinger to raise funds for our mission and create even greater awareness of the wonderful country of Haiti.

Culver's Menu Shot

One of the images from a recent shoot with Culver's is up in the restaurants!  More images to be released soon!  Head over to Culver's and check them out.  While your there pick up one of these tasty chicken sandwiches!

Old Fashioned Meat

A few shots from our recent shoot with Old Fashioned Meats.  Great tasting Corned Beef, we are still making Ruebens and Hash with the extra meat!

Werther's Shots up on site

Werther's has posted the images from our recipe shoot on their site.. Check them out @ Werther's website!

New packaging shots

We had the pleasure to work with a new client on their packaging for an upcoming product that will be in the grocery stores soon...


Art for Health 2013 Benefit

We are thrilled with the out­come of this year’s “Art For Health Ben­e­fit”. We helped to raise over $30,000 for the Global Health Pro­gram at Rush. The funds are used to send medical teams, helping the peo­ple who need it most, in Haiti and the Domini­can Repub­lic. Here are some snap­shots of this years event. If you were not able to make it to the event, you can still donate here.

Werther's Recipe Shoot

We had a great time tasting fabulous recipes and shooting for Werther's.  15 Recipes in 3 days, from Fondue to Caramelized onions over Salmon.  There are a few recipes we many have to make for ourselves later on.